Welcome to my home-brewing site!

Years ago I bought a small book that explained how to brew your own beer. I was intrigued by that, but it looked quite complex.  Then a colleague of my told me that he brewed beer using brew-kits.

And that was the start of this hobby, which is a combination of brewing your own beer and the complete automation of a self-built brewing installation. The result today is something that I proudly present on this site. Have a look at my brewing history and you know why my wife asked me when this ever increasing sizing of pans would stop. The most recent change was in 2003, the existing barn was pulled down and a real brewery arose from the ashes!

Voorkant van de brouwerij. Deze foto is genomen net voor de feestelijke opening ervan.

I was inspired to a large extent by colleague home-brewers on the Internet. I learned all this from examining their sites (check out my links section) and rebuilding the great stuff they made.

Update 2023: Update of several photo's + hardware update (more sensors + electric heating) + update PC software (new C++ programma written in Qt) + update 'How it works' with lots of screenshots
Update 2019: Update of state transition diagram + hardware v3.50 + update of PC software + additional graphs from logfile with Python script added at links
Update 2017: All source-files from both the PC-program and the hardware are now made available on Github. So if you want to join in with development, have a look. The PC-program sources are available at ebrew_PC and the firmware sources are available at Brew_Arduino"
Update 2016: Update of HLT (size increased and heat-exchanger added), boil-kettle (separate in- and outputs, temperature sensor entry added), other solenoid valves and new hardware. Now possible to read 4 temperatures (instead of 2), 4 flowsensors (instead of 2) and control of two kettles (was: only HLT control). With this update it is now possible to control both the HLT and the boil-kettle independently from each-other with a PID controller.
Update 2015: Both the hardware and software have changed significantly. The old parallel port has been replaced by a USB connection, an Arduino microcontroller is used and professional printed-circuit-boards (PCB) have been made. This makes it easier for other home-brewers to build a similar system.

Update 2007: Participated for the first time in the Open Dutch Championship Home-Brewing (ONK 2007) and got a prize: a 2nd place in the free class with the Honey Lager (see Brewing Recipes).

Beware! If you are like me and you want to build some of the equipment yourself, I need to put in a word of caution! Most of the equipment was built by me using sharp tools and hot things that may seriously harm you if you are not familiar with that equipment. Don't force yourself, if you are not sure, go to a professional!

Enough said! Let's start brewing! I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I did creating it!