Brewing recipes

How do I get my recipes? Simple, I search the Internet. That gives me a good base and then I adjust the recipe until I have neighbours, colleagues and family visit me every night. Then I know I have the proper recipe! A good source of inspiration are the proven recipes (in Dutch) on the hobbybrouwen forum. For all the beers I use Wyeast yeast, for which I make a starter of about 5 L. I aerate for 24 hours. For the recipes I use a modified version of the Brouwhulp spreadsheet from Adrie Otte. I used this spreadsheet to generate the recipes listed below (the recipe's text is in Dutch, but I believe it is pretty straightforward and I hope a translation will not be necessary):

Blond. My wife's favourite beer. I must always have this on stock!


Honey Blond.

In 2007 this beer was awarded the second prize in the free class (class V) at the Dutch Championship for home brewers!


Quadrupel (Chimay clone). I tried to reproduce 2008's clone beer, it resulted in a suprisingly good beer.

Beamish (Irish Stout)

Weizen. Directly comparable to a Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier. Already achieved 84 points at the ONK 2007!

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